15,000 kilometres through Africa on an electric Zero motorcycle

Thomas Jakel and Dulcie Mativo have finished their trip to Africa. On a Zero DSR Black Forest electric motorcycle they travelled from Morocco to South Africa to talk to young company founders.

As part of their AfricaX project, Thomas Jakel and Dulcie Mativo covered 15,000 kilometres through 20 African countries. On the way, the two were on a Zero DSR Black Forest, which is said to have mastered all the strains. In contrast to the escort vehicle, which had to be left irreparably in Cameroon.

The two travellers then sold a large part of their equipment and continued on the machine in pairs. The adventurers report that they could often have recharged the battery of their electric motorbike free of charge in the hotels they visited.

Dulcie Mativo and Thomas Jakel

The aim of the trip was to talk to as many start-up entrepreneurs as possible who are active in the fields of mobility, energy, agriculture, healthcare, sanitation or education. Jakel and Mativo conducted around 100 interviews with these young people, who they call “change makers”. “We want to inspire as many people as possible to discover themselves as changemakers and help develop solutions to the challenges of our time,” says 33-year-old Jakel. “No matter whether in Africa, Europe or elsewhere”.