Video workshop: Offroad Techniques for Adventure Bike Riders

September 30, 2016

offroad-riding-techniques_dvd-coverSpecially designed for adventure bike riders, a new video workshop explains all the important riding techniques required to safely cover terrain, even on heavy machines.

Starting with basics such as the correct ergonomic set-up of the motorcycle and the proper body position, all the techniques relevant to off-road riding are explained. The riding techniques shown all come from motorsport but have been adapted to the requirements of adventure bike riders.

The aim of the workshop is to teach the elementary skills for handling a heavy machine on loose ground. The lessons have been selected in such a way as to present all the challenges that enduro tourers might encounter.

One lesson leads to the next, but they are also structured to work as standalone sessions on individual topics. Each lesson explains a specific riding technique step-by-step in detail. Meticulous slow-motion sequences show the processes involved, and graphics and illustrations help paint the picture.

The best thing is that once you have mastered the off-road riding techniques, you can never get enough of all-terrain motorcycling.

Video workshop “Off-road technique for adventure bike riders”. Language: English. Run time: approx. 40 minutes. Available on DVD.

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