Ducati wants to introduce front and rear radar

April 27, 2018

Ducati Safety Road Map 2025As part of a program called “Safety Road Map 2025”, Ducati wants to gradually introduce new generations of assistance systems. Of great importance is a refined sensor system, which also includes front and rear radar.

Under the title »Safety Road Map 2025«, the Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati has formulated a multi-layered security strategy up to the year 2025. The central component is the introduction of new assistance systems. These advanced assistance systems are designed to increase driver safety through a variety of sensors, including radar. Radar sensors detect the surroundings of the motorcycle and can help prevent collisions with obstacles or other vehicles by warning the rider.

Already two years ago, Ducati began with the first radar sensor studies. Together with several institutes of the University of Milan, a backward-looking radar sensor has been developed, which should be able to detect vehicles that are in the blind spot of the driver or approaching at high speed.

As a next step, a front radar was developed last year together with a technology partner. This provides the necessary data to control an adaptive cruise control which monitors and holds the distance to a vehicle ahead. In addition, the rider should be warned early against distraction-related collisions.

While the new assistance systems are expected to be ready for series production by 2020, the first phase of the “Safety Road Map 2025” is already being implemented. This includes the equipment of the entire model range with curve anti-lock braking systems.

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