Indian: Return to Bonneville

Indian Spirit of Munro Scout
It’s been 50 years since Burt Munro took his Indian Scout Streamliner to the Bonneville Salt Flats and made history – a story immortalised in the feature film, The World’s Fastest Indian, starring Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Continue May 29, 2017

Europe’s biggest motorcyle blessing

On May 7th the 33rd motorcycle blessing takes place on the Simplon Pass in Svitzerland.

Continue April 25, 2017

KTM: 2-stroke engines with fuel injection

ktm 2-stroke engine with fuel injection
The 250 and 300 two stroke models of KTM’s 2018 enduro range will feature fuel injection.

Continue March 28, 2017

GS Trophy 2018 in Mongolia

The latest edition of the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy is set to take place in Mongolia in early summer of 2018.

Continue February 27, 2017

US import tax will hurt EU motorcycle industry

American import tax will hurt European motorcycle industry
The United States want to punish the European Union by raising the import tax for a lot of products from Europe, including motorcycles. This will hurt the European motorcycle industry – but not only them.

Continue January 29, 2017

France: Gloves obligatory for motorcyclists

Riders and passengers of motorized two-wheeled vehicles must wear suitable protective gloves in France. In the case of an offense there is a threat of fines.

Continue December 22, 2016

Black Ocean invests in MV Agusta

Black Ocean invests in MV Agusta
The international investment company Black Ocean Group and MV Agusta signed an agreement for a capital increase for the Italian motorcycle manufacturer.

Continue November 23, 2016

FEMA worried about Tesla type approval

FEMA, governing body of European Riders’ organisations an advocacy group of motorcyclist interests, is worried about the way car manufacturers implement driver assist systems in their products. Now the organisation sent a letter with questions to RDW, the Netherlands Vehicle Authority.

Continue October 24, 2016

Video workshop: Offroad Techniques for Adventure Bike Riders

Specially designed for adventure bike riders, a new video workshop explains all the important riding techniques required to safely cover terrain, even on heavy machines.

Continue September 30, 2016

Adventure Country Tracks

Adventure Country Tracks
Adventure Country Tracks (ACT) have been developed as a concept that makes it possible to experience personalized adventures even with a small amount of time available. Carefully designed routes lead adventurous motorcyclists through the most beautiful regions of Europe. A route through Portugal is the first.

Continue August 30, 2016

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