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Motorcycle Test Centre in Andalusia

Motorcycle Test Centre in Andalusia
The most recent motorcycles of various brands are available at the »Motorcycle Test Center Andalucia« for extended test rides.

Continue February 26, 2018

Test: Tyres for adventure bikes

test tyres for adventure bikes
Tyres for big enduro/dualsport motorcycles are the real all-rounders in the market. They need to combine equally high levels of grip during the summer and winter with the ability to carry maximum loads on long journeys – all the while delivering outstanding durability. So who has managed to strike the best balance?

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Touring test: KTM 990 SM T

test of KTM 990 SM T with antilock braking system

KTM started two years ago in the touring segment with the 990 SM T. A succesfull endeavor but the forego of the ABS had put off many potential customers. Now the travel supermoto has finally received an anti-lock breaking system.

Continue April 19, 2011

50.000-kilometre-test: BMW F 650 GS

Long term test of BMW F 650 GS

Motorcycling is an expensive fun? Certainly not, if you ride a F 650 GS. We have moved the entry-level BMW for 50,000 kilometres in a long-term-test, have saved lots of money, had a lot of fun. Read more.

Continue April 1, 2011

Test: Triumph Tiger 800

Triumph TIger 800 test

Triumph sends the young Tiger 800 in the ring and copies quite unabashedly the recipe for success from the GS models. A first ride in Catalonia shows that the entertaining three-cylinder definitely has …

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TF Route Planner Online

Planning motorcycle routes made so easy. Just a few mouse clicks and then export custom made tours to your GPS device. → MORE


The standard reference for motorcycle friendly accommodations.
About 500 addresses proved and accepted as »TF-Partnerhaus«.

You’ll find all houses in the web, in the printed hotel-special as well as in the web-app (also suitable for smartphones).