Bluetooth to Mesh adapter from Sena

With the +MESH adapter, Sena also makes mesh technology available for pure Bluetooth intercom devices.

The new +MESH adapter provides an upgrade for classic Bluetooth headsets. The headset connects to the adapter via the Bluetooth interface. The adapter connects to any number of other devices that use the Mesh technology. Mesh has a greater range and is more stable than Bluetooth and allows multiple connections.

The Mesh technology
Mesh is a radio standard that not only uses a different frequency than Bluetooth, but also allows network-like coupling of users. In practice, this means that each user is connected to each other. If a user leaves the group, only this user loses radio contact, all other group members remain connected to each other.

Lost connections are constantly searched for and automatically restored as soon as the rider is within range again – the rest of the group remains connected undisturbed. Sena indicates a range of about 800 meters.

The +MESH adapter can easily be mounted anywhere on the motorcycle. However, an elevated position, such as on the handlebars, is recommended.

The Bluetooth to Mesh adapter from Sena costs 189 euros including the mounting kit.

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