Indian promotes flat track racing in Europe


Since his return to flatrtrack sport, the American motorcycle manufacturer Indian has dominated the scene. With a sponsorship for the Dirt Track Riders Association, Indian now wants to make the sport more popular in Europe.

After decades of dominance by Harley-Davidson, the Indian Wrecking Crew, as the official factory team calls itself, has been rolling up the scene since 2016. But while the flat track racing enjoys great popularity in the United States, it ekes out a niche existence in Europe like all other types of track sports. Only in the Nordic countries, Great Britain and the Netherlands is the popularity relatively high.

Encouraged by the success in the American Flat Track (AFT) Series, Indian wants to enliven the track sport in Europe as well. Of course not least to have a platform for the promotion of their own machines. For this reason Indian is expanding its sponsorship for the Dirt Track Riders Association (DTRA).

The aim of the DRTA is to create a Europe-wide series with top-class events as the basis for a European Flat Track Championship. For the 2019 season, the races Hells Race (Lelystad, NL), El Rollo (San Sebastian, F) and Greenfield Dirttrack (Lincolshire, GB) will be among the Flat Track Euros. If the desired success is achieved, further races will supplement the championship. The El Rollo is likely to be particularly popular, being held near Biarritz on the fringes of the Wheels & Waves Festival.

In order to showcase the vehicles of the main sponsor effectively, there will be the “Hooligan Class” in the national British championship as well as in the Euros, in which machines over 750 cubic centimetres cubic capacity start.

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