Aventuro Mod: Offroad Flip-up Helmet

touratech_aventuro-modThe new »Aventuro Mod« from Touratech combines adventure helmet appearance and functionality with the convenience of a flip-up helmet.

The new Aventuro Mod is the result of close collaboration between Touratech and the German helmet manufacturer Schuberth. The Aventuro Mod uses the same basic structure as the C3Pro by Schuberth, one of the best flip-up helmets currently available, but features numerous detail enhancements.

The helmet shell is made of special glass fibre laminate, a technology developed by Schuberth to combine high strength with low weight.

As well an anti-fog, distortion-free visor, a continuously adjustable sun visor, and washable Coolmax liner, the Aventuro Mod has an aerodynamically optimised helmet shield – with cover caps included – that is easy to fit without tools.

The peak has a memory function so when the chin section is flipped up, it remembers the position it was set to and then rebounds to the chosen position when the helmet is closed.

The large face opening means that enduro goggles can be used, and there is even a goggle strap holder. During development, emphasis was placed on optimal cooling, which has been achieved via larger air inlets and improved ventilation.

The Aventuro Mod is available in seven different sizes (XS to 3XL) and colour variants.

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